3, 2, 1 Hongkong here we come! Hang on – double trouble stuck in Moscow…

It all started so well for Schnagler and Peachy in Germany. No.traffic jam on the A5, the private deluxe airport shuttle of Peachy’s Mama and her friend Wilma and even enough time for a nice drink before the farewell.

Boarding the plane to Moscow the duo didn’t think anything bad. Half an hour delay but surely the plane would catch up on the way. The flight itself wasn’t the best already. Loads of drunk and disrespectful russians who got a final warning of the airline. One of them even tried to stick his hand through our seats to grab the Peachy boobs! Unbelievable! (He didn’t manage though as Schnagler reacted super quick… πŸ˜‰ ) All not the best experience and the friends were hoping to be a bit more lucky with the seat neighbours on the next plane.

The next plane is the buzz word. Reaching Moscow 40min before departure of their connecting flight, the dream team didn’t think it was too bad. But Schnagler and Peachy were awaited by an employee of Aeroflot who’s first words were: β€œThe good news: it wasn’t your fault!β€œ

Obviously they had missed their connecting flight, didn’t get any compensation or upgrade (not yet…) and are even struggling to get a free soft drink with the sh**** voucher they received.

Next stop now: Beijing!

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