Aeroflot – NEVER ever again!

To keep you all updated, Peachy and Schnagler would like to share their full Aeroflot experience with you. You all know the two friends missed their connecting flight from Moscow to Hongkong from the last post. Here is what happened next:

Boarding the flight to Beijing from Moscow, everything seems fine. Mr. Aeroflot promised that Schnagler and Peachy bags would fly with them on their plane. They were all relaxed and full of trust. Being asked for a visa they said: “We don’t need a visa, only transit.“

So far, so good. After 7.5 hot(!) hours of flight with only one meal, Schnagler and Peachy leave the plane and are in China. Everything seems to be better, the people much more friendly. The duo was welcomed by a chinese lady telling them to hurry up for the next connecting flight to Hongkong. And there it was back: stress and rushing! They were running all the way to the transit counter, just to receive the next shocking news: “you will have to collect your bags and check them in again, because the chinese people here don’t care about your bags“ said the only ‘English’ speaking girl there. “You will have to check in before 11“. Bäääm! Shock! It’s 10.25, double trouble need to get through immigration without a visa first, then collect their bags one level below and check in the bags to the next flight with Hongkong Airlines with only a booking confirmation of Mr. Aeroflot….Panic!!!
Chasing through the whole airport to collect the bags, the two find Peachy’s backpack quickly. But where is Schnagler’s??? Only 10min later the competent Mr. Baggage claim promises that Schnagler’s bag is on it’s way to Hongkong already. Great! One less bag to carry and to worry about.

Next stop: Hongkong Airlines Check-in counter. Oh dear, a very long queue and it’s 10.50… Schnagler asks at the Business Class counter and surprise, the chinese were probably too polite to say no. Boarding passes were printed and after a short explanation, they accepted Peachy’s backpack. It only needs to get through security. Easy one should think as it passed the German security check. But this would be too easy. After 3 failed trials (Powerbank, lighter and guess what, another lighter) and many annoyed chinese people and an annoyed Peachy who had to carry her backpack back through a narrow gate all the times, the bag finally got through. 

Now it is 11.15. Boarding is at 11.40. No time for a rest. Quickly through immigration (24h is allowed without visa luckily!) and through security. Peachy’s powerbank was allowed in the carry in bag and all went fine. Arriving at the gate the two friends had enough time to visit the ladies room and to realise – almost 12 o’clock and the last they ate was dinner. So it was time for a expensive shitty sandwich and a water each and. For a bargain price of 20€!! Now quickly on the next plane.

A croissant to share because we couldn’t get any change for our 20€ bill. Why did this delicious looking croissant have a sausage in it?? Whyyyyyyy???

On the chinese plane everything seems better than on the russian one before. Nice and friendly people around us. At least they smile and nod no matter what. Probably because none of these chinese understand English. Schnagler and Peachy fall in a deep but weirdly non refreshing sleep. God knows what was in the air on that plane, everyone on this plane was asleep……maybe it was just the long journey. 

Getting off the plane in Hongkong, the dream team felt tired but happy – finally reached their destination.

 But the happiness wouldn’t last long. Peachy’s bag is the first one to appear. But Schnagler’s was still missing. Shocking news at the baggage claim: the backpack is still in Moscow!! How unlucky can 2 people be on one day?? Unfriendly staff promised to deliver the bag to the hotel of the two friends. Luckily they booked in advance and had an address ready to state on the form which needed to be filled in. No apologies, no compensation, nothing which one could call ‘service’. 

Reaching the hotel was easy, public transport in Hongkong just perfect! 

Summary of this journey: disappointing and shocking all way through! Nobody apologised, the most unfriendly airline staff and the team lost all believe and trust in the staff and in what they promised. Whether the bag would be delivered the next day or not – nobody really new. The only sure thing was:

NEVER ever Aeroflot again!


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