Ready for take off

Only 14 hours to go. Backpacks are prepared, everything sorted – it has been a very short time back home. Therefore, Peachy will make the most of her time off uni and see as much of this beautiful world as possible.

The stress of all preparations is now slowly changing to excitement. However, realising that Peachy will not only be away from home but also on the other side of this world for the next 4 months makes her a little bit nervous, too.

Peachy hopes you will all enjoy reading this blog, watching Peachy on her tour around the world. She hopes all the pictures and stories will brighten up your everyday life a little bit and you feel like joining her on her travels.

It is time to go to bed now, at home for the last time in a long while….


Leaving the UK

Unbelievable, but the last 8 months have passed incredibly quickly! 8 enriching months in which Peachy developed professionally, had a lot of fun and made so many new friends who she will dearly miss. She had such a great time and was especially overwhelmed by the kindness of the people around her, the people who made her feel at home fromt he first day on in the UK.

However, it is time to move on, time to go on the next adventure, time to explore more parts of this world.

Peachy’s sendoff was a great night out, and actually the whole last week was a nice farewell celebration. Peachy is very thankful for all the people she met who made it tough for her leaving the UK.

First Peachy Message

Today Peachy has been setting up her travel blog for her big adventure in 2017:

Hong Kong, Philippines, one night in Singapore, Myanmar, Australia and New Zealand!

Peachy will hopefully fill this page regularly over the next 4 months and you will hopefully follow Peachy on every step she takes.

Cheers from the UK!