Peachy will keep you up-to-date about her travelling plans on this page.



Peachy will have company of her best friend Schnagler for the first 3 weeks of their adventure! They are going to visit different places in South East Asia and share all the impressions and time with each other.

@ Asia: Double Trouble are on their way

Hong Kong

On the 10th of June, Schnagler and Peachy will fly from Frankfurt to Hong Kong (with stopover in Moskau). They will explore places such as Victoria Peak and the night markets to experience the vibes of the buzzing metropolis.


Already 3 days later, the journey leads the dream team to Manila. Departing in Hong Kong on the 14th of June, Schnagler and Peachy will have a full week to recover from the busy city of Hong Kong. Palawan will be the final destination within the Philippines. A flight to Puerto Princesa will bring the two friends to picturesque beaches and remote villages. With a bit of luck, they will be able to be full time yogis for a couple of days. Island hopping and snorkelling are just some of the highlights of their stay in the Philippines.


After one week in the Philippines, Schnagler and Peachy will be back in civilisation, back to Singapore. It will be the 21st of June when it’s time for ‘Singapore Revival’. Catching up with friends of Peachy’s Singapore Adventure 2015: Mars will pick up the duo from the airport, Alex will host them and join them with Abhi for another of so many Ladies Nights. It will be a special Ladies Night, as it is almost 2 years since the last one and it will be the only night for the duo in Singapore.


If Double Trouble do not miss their plane after a long and late Ladies Night, they will fly to Yangon on the 22nd of June. Schnagler and Peachy will spend 10 days in the poor country with it’s friendly, gentle and carefree people. The two backpackers don’t know much about Myanmar yet and are very excited to visit this exceptional country.



After three weeks of togetherness, it will be time to say goodbye for the dream team. To be very exact, this will happen in Kuala Lumpur as Schnagler and Peachy will be on the same plane to start with. From KL Schnagler flies back to Frankfurt. Peachy’s connecting flight will finally land in Sydney.

So far, Peachy hasn’t got any fixed plans for Australia yet. She will update this page once she knows more………………………………………..


As promised, Peachy is giving an update on her plans. 8 days in Sydney were enough to find out that it will be warmer in the north and that a trip along the East Coast is one of the best things to do while being in Australia. Peachy’s plans are as follows: first stop at Woolgoolga for surfing at Spot X. Once completed, moving to Byron Bay where kayaking with dolphins will be one of the highlights. Brisbane will be Peachy’s Stop no. 3 followed by Noosa. There is loads to do in Noosa, including 2 nights in the Everglades in a bushcamp and 2 nights on Fraser Island with a self-guided 4WD tour through the largest sand island. Afterwards, Peachy will be off to Whitsundays and spend 2 nights on a sailing boat with one of the highlights visiting Whitehaven beach. A quick stopover in Magnetic Island (not sure yet) Peachy will reach her final destination on the East Coast: Cairns. A waterfall tour, diving at the Great Barrier Reef and an overnight stay in daintree rainforest are planned.

After all these amazing adventures, Peachy will be off to New Zealand to cause some trouble there.

Rough plans are to spend August in New Zealand and September again in Australia (Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Tasmania, Northern Territory).

End of September or first week of October it will be time to go back home for Peachy….