Luckily, Schnagler and Peachy booked a hotel in advance and got to a small room with two big beds. Dinner and an extremely good foot massage for Peachy helped double trouble to relax. After a good and long sleep they started their first morning in Hongkong. A light cheesestick breakfast helped to adjust to the culture. 

The hotel was on Hongkong Island. So the two took a ferry to cross over to Tsim Sha Tsui to walk along the promenade and to see the Avenue of stars. This was closed unfortunately but the garden of the stars was open and a lot of fun 😀

On the ferry the friends received very very good news. The hotel called to say that Schnagler’s backpack was delivered by a courier from the airport. This made them soooo happy.

Next stop was the Ladies Market. After 15min getting used to the haggling it started to rain heavily. Some stalls closed and said there would be a typhoon coming up. Double trouble escaped to an indian restaurant and thought the rain would stop soon. However they needed to face reality and understand that the typhoon would only move on around midnight and there would be a week of thunderstorm and rain afterwards.

Schnagler and Peachy decided to still make the most of it. So they went to Hongkong Timesquare Shopping Mall. However, all shops were closed due to the typhoon. Next trial was to find a massage. First they took a funny old tram to the hotel and couldn’t wait any longer to find out whether the backpack which was delivered to the hotel was really Schnagler’s backpack.

And it was….

After a long walk the friends finally found an open massage place and let themselves being treated. A foot massage for Schnagler and an acupressure back massage for Peachy let them forget all about the typhoon. 

The next morning the friends tried their luck again after a very rainy night. Back to the Timesquare all shops were opened. A couple of hours of shopping let the time pass quickly until the rain stopped. This is all the two waited for to then try going up to Victoria Peak. The tram ride was funny, the pizza expensive but delicious and we found a new family 😛 

But the view….well the view….which view actually?

Back down the weather was stable and the team started their way to the night show in Victoria Harbour. Reaching the bay they were overwhelmed by the skyline with it’s millions of lights and the sea. But let’s let the pictures speak for themselves:

The evening ended with a nice shopping tour on the night markets in Temple Street. Back at the hotel it was time to pack and to find out how to get to the airport in the very early morning. And of course, double trouble needed some money again, which took a while but finally worked out in the end…

After a very short night (no night in fact) it was time to leave Hongkong and to fly to Puerto Princesa (on Palawan) with stop over in Manila and without disasters. The flight to Puerto Princesa was a bit weird because of dust or fog on the plane. 

We still don’t know what it was, maybe gas to make everybody sleepy 😛 However, we both arrived safely and woke up again 😉