On the 14th of June it was time to fly again for Schnagler and Peachy. First stop Manila, second stop Puerto Princesa on Palawan. Besides some fog (or whatever it was) on the second plane, everything went well and both bags reached Puerto safely and on time.

In the hostel the duo met up with two friends of Schnagler, Inez and Denny. They are on an around the world trip and planned to be on Palawan at the same time. After a nice catch up and a good night’s sleep, the four started their journey to Port Barton. The first night without aircon paid off in the next morning. The group decided to go to a remote island called Cacnipa for a couple of nights and ended up in paradise. 

Crystal clear water and the lovely coconut garden island resort all to themselves made their stay unforgettable. Incredibly good food, excellent service and for being on a remote island moderate prices were part of the experience. For 2 nights, 6 meals, all drinks, boat transfer and the exclusive private beach (that’s the advantage of low season travelling) they spent 50€ each and felt like kings and queens.

The only drawback was the mosquitos who they had to share their beds with and the missing AC. Two nights later the four left the island heading towards El Nido.

Heavy rain was welcoming the group in El Nido. This still didn’t stop Schnagler and Peachy to sign up for a ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ tour for the next day. They found a welcoming diving school, ‘Deep Blue Seafari’ where both felt comfortable and looked after at all times. The next morning their alarms went off at 6.45. Shower, breakfast and then meeting at the ‘Deep Blue Seafari’ at 8.00. Due to coastguard issues (it was a Monday morning which is apparently the time to change regulations) and due to a drunken boat crew memeber (the chef) the tour started with over 1h delay. Peachy got more and more nervous – a bit longer and she might have changed her mind. Luckily she tried keeping herself busy with buying a ‘Deep Blue Seafari’ T-Shirt as a memory. Then finally all divers were asked to please board the boat. They did as they were told and found themselves at the first diving spot, paradise beach, fairly quickly. The two friends were the only ones without Open Water License so they had two guides all to themselves. Nicolas showed how to jump in from the boat and then Peachy had to follow. Her nervousness was at the maximum but when everybody started counting, she jumped in at 1 😀

This was the step over her fear and from that moment on she was just able to enjoy. Ayn and Nicky were very caring and thoughtful so there were no dangerous moments. The first of three dives was only instructions near the beach Peachy thought. But as the two got on super well with everything they went to practise what they learned in up to 10m. Peachy was not scared at all as she didn’t even notice how deep she had been.

Back on the boat there were refreshments and not long after it was time for dive number two near helicopter island.

This was probably the best dive. A photographer joined Schnagler and Peachy and made so many nice pictures (Also have a look in the gallery under Philippines 😉 )! Peachy felt like she was flying under water. What a great feeling 😀

After 43min and up to 15m it was time to come back to the boat and have lunch. Fish, chicken and some vegetables with rice was all they needed and very delicious.

The third dive followed pretty quickly, at the small reef of helicopter island. Maybe a bit too soon after lunch but again it was fun and the two enjoyed it so much. Back on the boat, the two friends realised how exhausted and tired they were. Time for a nap and an early night. Peachy went to bed soooo proud and happy with herself….

The next day was farewell time. An early goodbye breakfast with Inez and Denny who had to catch a ferry to Coron at 8am was followed by a rather lazy day with some shopping and a pedicure. 

In the evening the two friends left Palawan and flew to Manila. El Nido was definitely the smallest airport they have ever been to. Security staff was more interested whether the two were single and had facebook instead of in their bags….

In Manila it was just time to get to the hotel and sleep as the next morning it was time to fly to Singapore 😀